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Come Walk this Road with Me!


Chase Morgan is a country singer/songwriter from High River, Alberta. Through a soulful delivery of honest lyrics, Morgan captivates audiences of all ages by merging classic country artistry with a modern day twist. “Refreshing” is a word often used to describe this young, up-and-coming artist’s songs, and we could not agree more. His first single, “Bourbon Neat”, and follow up single, “3 Years from Now”, demonstrate the diverse artistry of this new-age old-timer. He’s just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where this road leads.

At the age of 16, while combating the trials of concussion treatments, Morgan found an old guitar, with two broken strings, and began playing. With such an eclectic taste in musical genres, Chase began learning everything from Guns ‘n’ Roses, to the Eagles, to Waylon Jennings, and Parker McCollum. This wide variety of interests, sonically and lyrically, shaped Morgan’s songwriting into the crowd-pleasing tunes you can hear him playing today.  In Morgan’s first year of playing shows and writing songs, he managed to climb from a last minute filler at small town bars, to playing in well-established songwriter showcases, and taking the stage at iconic Calgary venues. 

“Before music, I had never found a hobby or interest that seemed to love me, as much as I did it, and that, to me, is something worth giving all you have.” says Morgan. “I would be playing and writing songs regardless, so to be given the opportunity and support of so many wonderful people - that’s a truly special thing.” Wise and humble words from the 22 year old. To make a positive impact on someone else, everyday, is what drives this artist to write, perform, and lead an inspiring lifestyle. Morgan preaches to be yourself, be a good person, and spread kindness and positivity, wherever you go. Share and smile. Share a laugh. You never know how much the “little things” can impact the masses.

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