Come Walk this Road with Me!


Chase Morgan is an alternative country singer/songwriter from High River, Alberta. With an eclectic collection of inspiration including new artists such as Parker McCollum, Riley Green and Cody Jinks, and the matured artistry of groups such as the Highwaymen, and the Eagles, Morgan puts a classic twist on modern day country and contemporary living. Chase recently released his first single, “Bourbon Neat” in June, and his follow-up single “3 Years from Now” this September, available wherever you get your music.

Along with the music, Morgan promotes positive self-expression. BE YOURSELF. Don’t live your life in fear of what will happen if you take the leap… be in fear of what won’t happen if you don’t. BE A GOOD PERSON. Share a smile, share a laugh, spread kindness and positivity wherever you can. You never know how much the little things can impact the masses. Create hope.

At the age of 15, from the depths of dark-room concussion treatments, Chase found an old guitar leaning up in the corner of their unfinished basement and began strumming away. The fact that this particular guitar only had four of its six strings never stifled the kid with big dreams of one day playing for friends and family around a campfire. Some years later, a call from a local bar seeking a last-minute act in June of 2021, changed his path forever. In front of a packed house crowd, Chase fell in love with the life of playing and creating music. You can now catch Chase Morgan playing shows at the honkytonks and bars throughout southern Alberta. A dreamer never stops dreaming, a writer never stops writing, and a player never stops playing. Make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom, packed some snacks, and buckle up! This is going to be a fun ride.